Our Mission

Our Mission
PLYNOVO will be committed to providing competitive products and services to meet customers’need.

PLYNOVO will change the image of impression of so called Made-in-China plywood is low quality and low price.

With the prefessional experience in plywood industry, also with the principle of insisting on quality as only consieration, PLYNOVO will prove to the plywood industry that Made-in-China plywood also can be super premium quality and reasonable price.

Based on the above strategies, the company is aimed at fostering a sound brand image to become a global famous manufacturer and supplier in high level quality hardwood plywood.

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Contact: Alex Zhang

Phone: 0086 186 6966 0999

Tel: 0086 539 8608 988

Email: info@plynovo.com

Add: Tanyi Industry Zone,Linyi City,Shandong,China