CONSMOS is the famous leading brand for plywood in China for nearly 10 years since 2006, with annual selling as about 30 million dollars. 
Then, in 2016 Consmos made the transition from a trader of wood products to a manufacturer of birch plywood of top grade quality. 
We Consmos NEW plywood factory specialized in producing high grade 100% birch plywood which same quality as Russian Sveza plywood and Finland WISA plywood, B/BB, S/BB, BB/CP,CP/CP ,C/C grade available,size 1220x2440mm,thickness from 4mm to 30mm.
Also we produce furniture grade birch plywood poplar core to USA, poplar plywood with Okume/Bingtangor/Pencil Cedar/white poplar faces, Melamine faced cabinet plywood;
We also produce film faced plywood tego plywood as formwork panel for years to market suchas Mid-east, Central-Asia ,Russia,Africa,U.S.,Singapore etc.
U.S.A. CARB P2 certificate# SCS-CARB-000320 ;
Europe  CE certificate # 0766-CPR-438 acc.to EN636:2012+A1:2015 and EN 13986:2014+A1:2015;
FSC certificate with # SCS-COS-005985 CODE:FSC-C135722; 

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Contact: Alex Zhang

Phone: 0086 186 6966 0999

Tel: 0086 539 8608 988

Email: info@plynovo.com

Add: Tanyi Industry Zone,Linyi City,Shandong,China